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We are an organization where talented people can grow and keep learning.

Join Eureka Labs to challenge yourself to the next level. And the next one.

Role Models of our Values

Using these values and having them guide us in our interactions with customers, candidates, partners, and each other has helped create an incredible environment for all at Eureka Labs.


Being part of our team requires you to endeavor yourself to contribute, manage and improve relevant skills.


Remote work

You can work from another city temporarily or permanently (travel while you work).

Flexible Work Arrangements

Each schedule is adaptable around personal responsibilities.

Training and

Spotlight talks, Training Program, English in company.

Work-life Balance

We care for people's quality of life that ensures a greater fulfillment at work and at home.


Perks, bonuses, incentives,
Wellness programs.

Time off policy

granting employees the power to use their paid time off (PTO) at one's convenience builds mutual trust between the employer and employee.

Join Eureka Labs!

Challenge yourself.
We are an organization where talented people can grow and keep learning.
Take your career to the next level, over and over again.

Eureka Labs

We scale tech Products and Teams for fast growing e-commerce companies, creating simple solutions to complex problems.

Eureka Labs team tell their stories

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"Working at Eureka is a professional and personal expansion. Professionally we grow with the company. We always have new challenges accompanied by our professional training and, personally, having flexibility, remote life, benefits, and feeling like in a big family is incredible".

Victoria Nafá Waasaf,
Product & Service Designer
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“EurekaLabs has attracted me both financially and spiritually. Our commitment is totally focused on creating the greatest value for our clients. At Eurekalabs, I can continue enjoying my family time, my life and my training routine. To me, Eurekalabs means professionalism, delivery, quality, client orientation, as well as flexibility and enjoyment”.

Diego Cardone,
Product & Engineer Manager
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"When I started at Eureka, I was an SSR with a background in React. After almost 3 years I have participated in multiple projects with technologies such as Vue and flutter, I have been categorized as SR and my professional growth was exponential as well as my salary and quality of life. The horizontality with which we all relate here makes Eureka a beautiful place to work".

Santiago Vigil,
Front End Developer
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"I choose to join EurekaLabs because of many reasons: first, I'm able to work from home with a one-year old daughter (which is a great plus for me!); second, I can have quality time with her; and last but not least, I feel highly motivated and challenged in every project I'm involved in. And to do so, I'm part of a team that is not only fun and easy-going to work with but also expert and committed to drive excellence. I know Eurekalabs will allow me to go further in my career path and I feel ready to take that challenge!".

Silvina Castro,
Product Owner
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"After a few months I started working at Eureka I had the opportunity to move to Spain, and having the flexibility to keep working 100% remotely was one of the reasons that made the decision easier to make. Moreover, I really like the group of people and the project I’m working on. It feels more like a group of friends working together on a project than just coworkers following orders and completing tasks. It’s awesome to keep being part of that no matter where in the world you are".

Markos Cosimi,
UX-UI Designer