Recurring Revenue For High Frequency Products

Retailers and distributors that think the subscription model is only fit for startups are in for a big surprise .

In the past 5 years, hundreds of subscription startups have launched and, beyond the fact that some of them have grown to become billion-dollar companies, the underlying consumer behavior and financial advantages unlocked by the model are topics that demand attention. Products with high-frequency purchase cycles, especially those considered essentials and with small dimensions, are strong candidates for Subscription eCommerce.


At Eureka Labs, we believe this trend is not reserved for startups and we have helped mid-market retailers and distributors implement subscription strategies from scratch to add a new revenue stream that’s highly predictable and engaging for consumers – all without cannibalizing their core business. Financially, there are few things as positive as having customers paying a monthly subscription, getting the same products delivered (with a chance to upsell) on the same day of the month and to the same address.


Applying this solution can be overwhelming as subscriptions require very specific marketing tactics and a different user experience on your website, as well as adjustments on warehousing procedures and a different shipping process. The good thing: Eureka Labs’ has a team of experts covering all aspects of selling subscriptions online and we’re better suited to help companies plan the right solution – and execute it.

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