Move Confidently To A Better Platform.

The switching cost of migrating to a new platform should always be considered, but companies can’t let assumed complexity be the deciding factor

As they go through different maturity stages in their eCommerce business, companies may conclude they’ve outgrown their current platform. This is very common, as the platforms that were right to start an online business are usually not the best ones to scale, and the most critical challenge companies face in this transition is migrating data and processes to the new platform to avoid starting from scratch and minimize manual work.

At Eureka Labs, we fully understand the complexities of a migration and deliver each project with a reliable process that includes setting the right goals for each client, applying a set of techniques around standardization and mapping, and focusing on automation. In our 15 years of experience, we have migrated large-scale businesses to new eCommerce, ERP, CRM and Marketing platforms, minimizing the pain and time it takes clients to get up and running.

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