The Right Infrastructure, Without Overspending.


IT infrastructure has improved exponentially in the last decade, but finding the right balance between availability and overspending is still complex

With cloud computing, the days of physical data centers and server rooms for online businesses are pretty much gone. Today, companies can leverage amazing network efficiencies and save a lot of money by running their IT infrastructure on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. This doesn’t make the underlaying IT strategy less complex and, unless they can afford to have a good Dev Ops Engineer on staff, companies end up overutilizing (extra cost) or underutilizing (performance issues) their network infrastructure.

At Eureka Labs, we help companies with small or no IT departments design and run the best IT strategy that fits their business goals. We specialize in server virtualization, content delivery, database management, cybersecurity and different tactics to ensure network availability, like auto-scaling and elastic load balancing.

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