In Eureka Labs we are leaders as a Product Factory that develops customizable teams to work alongside with our partners in order to develop the smartest and most optimized products and solutions.

We scale tech Products and Teams


Each agile pod focuses on delivering a feature or set of features each sprint. Pods are sized and staffed with the roles needed to build each feature.


Pods can adapt to a partner's preferred agile setup: scrum or kanban, 1 or 2-week sprints, changes in events, etc. People from partner teams can be added to pods without affecting efficiency.


Pods can work independently or in combination with other pods to deliver larger features and projects. Our hiring process ensures entire new pods can be added in weeks, depending on the roles and seniority.


Avoid extra management costs with flexible prices that can be adapted to each project and context, maximizing production optimization and partners goals.

People care and growth

We are committed to professional growth of our team members to leverage partner products and businesses. Our continuous learning purpose guarantees professional evolution, and it challenges the best talents.

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Databases & Infraestructure

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