A Methodology That Multiplies Client Value

eCommerce is a whole different animal. Things need to move faster than in other segments and priorities are constantly changing for companies selling online as they try to beat competitors and address the latest customer trends. Clients not only need a diverse team of experts to solve their most pressing eCommerce challenges, they also need them to work fast and release new functionalities quickly and often.


This makes eCommerce perfect for agile methodologies and Eureka Labs understands this better than any consulting firm out there – we’ve been in the industry for 15 years and run a full-service eCommerce Agency.


We’ve created a proprietary execution methodology called Agile eCommerce Ships, that allows us to organize the right team of experts to solve specific challenges and deliver results at breakneck speeds for our clients.

We took all the benefits from the highly successful agile software development methodology and adapted its techniques to create a perfect match with eCommerce. These are the main advantages of solving your challenges with an Agile eCommerce Ship from Eureka Labs:



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