Unlocking Greater Control & Higher Profits

Manufacturers and distributors should take a second look at their online strategy and realize the HUGE opportunity eCommerce represents for them.

Many companies in the segment still lag their retail counterparts when it comes to offering a modern, robust and secure B2B shopping experience – most manufacturers and distributors were not born digital and run complex operations that make it difficult to focus on anything else than the core business. The eCommerce ecosystem changes by the day and, beyond the fact that adding a B2B online experience on top of a manufacturing or distribution operation is doable with the right partner, these companies also need to look at the huge opportunity the B2C segment represents for them.

In recent years, tech-enabled manufacturing startups have launched their businesses with a direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce model, controlling all aspects of the value chain and reaching consumers directly – without any middle-man. Financially, there are few things as positive as owning the full value chain and reaching consumers directly with your brand, while skipping intermediaries for much higher profit margins.

Growing a B2B eCommerce operation or venturing into B2C with direct-to-consumer can be overwhelming for manufacturers and distributors, but Eureka Labs is here to help! We have assisted many companies in the industry, especially those in the mid-market segment, to add a new online revenue stream that’s highly profitable – without cannibalizing their core business.

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